bridgetallaire makiBridget Allaire-Mäki (Photo: Antti Kangassalo)My name is Bridget Allaire-Mäki. I am a bassoonist who was born in the USA. I now live in Tuusula, Finland. I studied at the Northwestern School of Music, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and the Geneva Conservatory of Music in Switzerland before establishing my life here in Finland. I’m a founding member of the Tapiola Sinfonietta and have lived here now for almost 30 years. There are many foreign bassoonists and oboists studying and working here in Finland. When I came here in 1987 there were just two or three. But now many other bassoonists and oboists have discovered what a great musical life we have here in Finland and have decided to come and make a new life here just like I did!

I’m happy to listen to any ideas for subjects to write about and any feedback you might have. This blog is for everyone who would like to read in English about the activities and news of the oboists and bassoonists who live in Finland. To get a quick idea about Finland you can visit these sites:

To start off our blog, I’ve interviewed two very influential people in our Finnish circles who are the main teachers of oboe and bassoon at the Sibelius Academy. Jorma Valjakka is the solo oboist of the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra and lecturer of oboe in the Sibelius Academy. Jussi Särkkä is the co- principal bassoonist of the Finnish RadioSymphony Orchestra and the lecturer of bassoon at the Sibelius Academy. They are both great people, fine musicians and a lot of fun to interview. A big thanks to both of them for sharing their thoughts with us. I really enjoyed discovering that when I asked both Jorma and Jussi what was their favourite orchestral work, they both answered the Rite of Spring. Great minds think alike!

And here is a link to YLE. Go to this page and search for ”RSO” and you will find their concerts. Enjoy! 

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